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CASS Blue Book: China’s Society Faced Five Big Challenges in 2010

On December 15, 2010, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) issued its blue book on society. The book pointed out that, while China’s economy is developing rapidly, it also faces challenges and social issues. The problems are particularly striking in the areas of income distribution, labor relations, and prices for goods and housing. The book summarized the five major issues and challenges for China’s social development in 2010. They were: 1) The economy is entering a new phase; the development model needs to be transformed. 2) Conflicts in labor relations have become evident; a new generation of farm workers has become the focus of attention. 3) Reform in the distribution of income has met heavy resistance; be aware of the “trap of middle-income nations.” 4) “Land urbanization” has become hot again; be aware of damaging farmers’ interests. 5) The semi-urbanization problem is very serious; villages are shrinking in some areas.

Source: China News Agency, December 16, 2010