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HKET: Hong Kong Ranked Second Worst among World’s Best Cities

Hong Kong Economic Times (HKET), the leading financial daily in Hong Kong, recently reported that the British magazine Time Out just released its annual survey showing the results of ranking the 53 best cities in the world. This year the survey results show that the UK’s Edinburgh was selected as the best city in the world. Mumbai, India, was ranked 14th and became the top city in Asia. Hong Kong was second to the bottom, only ahead of Doha, Qatar. With the easing of the Covid pandemic, the Time Out magazine surveyed about 20,000 residents around the world. Then it integrated Internet editorial evaluations to deliver the annual Time Out Index results. This year’s survey focuses on assessing urban tourism and living advantages. It also includes the consideration of traffic and personal safety factors. Hong Kong now ranks at 52nd, far below Taipei’s 16th and Tokyo’s 24th. It lost to Bangkok by one. Hong Kong’s new ranking is a free fall from its previous spot of 20th.

(1) HKET, July 12, 2022

(2) Time Out (HK), July 12, 2022