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Censors in China Cut 40 Minutes from American Movie Cloud Atlas

Chinese authorities cut 40 minutes out of the American movie Cloud Atlas to be released in China on January 31, 2013. “Although in the Mainland version, the censors cut 40 minutes off as compared to the international version, the Mainland version of Cloud Atlas will not cause difficulties or problems for viewers. … The censors cut lines of words ruthlessly from the Mainland version. Most of the footage chopped off consists of dialogue.” Love scenes were also removed by the Chinese film censors.

[Editor’s note: Explicit love scenes, including between two same sex characters, were cut. Scenes of graphic violence, including a fatal gunshot and a man having his throat slit, remained. The film’s directors were not involved in the cuts.]  
Source: Jiefang Daily reprinted by Nanjing Daily, January 23, 2013