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China Review News: American Presence Impacts Sino-US Relations

On December 29, 2010, China Review News published an article titled “American Presence Impacts Sino-US Relations,” stating that the U.S. intention in returning to Asia is to be on guard against and contain China.

According to the article, on the one hand, Asia-Pacific countries are afraid of “Sino-US joint rule.” On the other hand, they do not really want to see a confrontation or even a war between China and the U.S. They would like to see a re-balancing of Sino-US relations, which would make Sino-US relations more complicated. “However, the U.S. and China still share common interests and a willingness to cooperate. In this sense, China should be more proactive in guiding Sino-US relations, prompting China and the United States to find more appropriate and comfortable ways to cooperate in the course of global and regional structural adjustments.”

Source: China Review News, December 29, 2010