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Liu Yunshan: Party to Launch a Campaign to Study, Do Research on, and Practice Party Ideology

On March 28, 2013, Liu Yunshan, Principal of the Central Party School, hosted a forum at the Central Party School in Beijing. Liu discussed strengthening the need for the Party members to study and carry out the key messages that President Xi Jinping delivered during the 80th anniversary of the Party School. Liu called for the entire Party to launch a campaign to “study, do research on, and practice (Party ideology). The forum recognized the improvements already made in Party members’ behavior while mentioning unhealthy tendencies, including a "lack of diligence and focus in study and a disconnect between studying theories and applying the theories." The participants in the forum included representatives of the students and teachers from Party schools at the provincial levels, advanced research classes, and youth league classes.

Source: Xinhua, March 29, 2013