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TSMC’s Third-Quarter Net Profit Surged 80 Percent

Well-known Chinese news site Sina (NASDAQ: SINA) recently reported that the foundry giant TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) released its third-quarter financial report. Data showed that TSMC’s revenue in the third quarter surged and its profit margin increased significantly. TSMC’s net profit increased by 80 percent compared with the same period last year, setting a new record. From the perspective of revenue sources, TSMC’s smartphone business revenue in the third quarter increased by 25 percent to 41 percent month-over-month, and its high-performance computing (HPC) business revenue increased by 4 percent to 39 percent. From a regional angle, revenue from North American customers accounted for 72 percent of total revenue, up from 64 percent in the second quarter. Revenue from Mainland China accounted for 8 percent, down from 13 percent in the previous quarter. The main figures in TSMC’s third quarter financial report were significantly higher than expected, indicating strong market demand for advanced process products. While delivering dazzling performance, TSMC announced that it would lower its full-year capital expenditures to US$36 billion. This is considered an important signal of a slowdown in the semiconductor market. Experts expressed the belief that the semiconductor industry may decline in 2023, but it will still be a year of revenue growth for TSMC. TSMC is Apple’s primary chip supplier for its cutting-edge mobile devices.

Source: Sina, October 13, 2022