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CNA: British Government Officially Gave Notice to Remove Huawei by 2027

Primary Taiwanese news agency Central News Agency (CNA) recently reported that the British government issued an official notice on October 13 to 35 domestic broadband and mobile network operators, as well as to the Chinese telecom giant Huawei that Huawei must completely remove Huawei equipment from the UK’s 5G public network by the end of 2027. The ban also includes 1.) an immediate halt to the installation of Huawei equipment on 5G networks and 2.) the complete removal of Huawei from facilities important to national security by January 28, 2023, and 3.) the refusal to install any Huawei products affected by U.S. sanctions on full-fiber networks. In a notice to Huawei, the UK Digital Ministry explained the reasons for the ban.  Huawei is headquartered in China and its business is controlled on the Chinese end. The Chinese government and related actors have carried out and are expected to continue to carry out cyber-attacks on the UK. The Chinese government and related actors continue to seek to exploit weaknesses in telecommunications service equipment and networks in order to undermine their security. Chinese laws such as the National Intelligence Law allow the Chinese government to require Chinese companies and their employees to engage in activities “harmful to the UK.” Also, in terms of law enforcement practices, the Chinese government may even ask Huawei employees to cooperate with the Chinese government. The Chinese government’s authority under the statute means Huawei’s equipment could be secretly embedded with malicious functions. The UK Telecommunications (Security) Act, which went into effect in November last year, gave the UK government new powers to impose stricter controls on high-risk telecom service providers based on national security concerns.

Source: CNA, October 13, 2022