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Qiushi Theory Commentary: MultiûParty System Will Not Fix Corruption Issues

Qiushi Theory recently published a commentary intended to counter the opinions that “China’s one party rule is the root cause of the corruption problem” and that “Only a multi-party system can make clean governance a possibility.” The commentary stated that these opinions lack the support of historical evidence and theory. It listed a number of arguments and examples to support this claim. One was that the role of the party system represents the interests of various political groups and the system itself does not contain the ability to curb corruption. A multi-party system will not prevent corruption and the corruption in that system could be worse at times. Corruption exists in countries that have a multi-party system, while, at the same time, a country with one party rule can also bring clean governance. the commentary held that China’s system of one party rule offers the best advantage to solve the corruption issues.

Source: Qiushi Theory, June 8, 2013