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Xinhua: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Established Office of Internet Affairs

Xinhua reported that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially announced at a recent press conference that the Ministry had created a new organizational unit called the Office of Internet Affairs. The new unit will be responsible for Internet-related foreign relations developments. At the press conference, the spokeswoman was asked about the latest evidence that demonstrated that the U.S. has been attacking the Chinese networks for many years. She suggested that China was one of the most attacked countries in the world and the Internet space does not need war and hegemony. The Ministry set up the new office to work with various parties to cooperate under the UN international framework and rules for Internet related matters. The spokeswoman also suggested that there is a working group under the China-U.S. Strategic Security Dialog Framework. China will continue to use that channel to work with the United States. 

Source: Xinhua, June 15, 2013