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People’s Daily: Employment Rate for 2013-Graduated Students Dropped 12 Percent

People’s Daily recently reported that the employment rate for college students who graduated in 2013 (at the undergraduate-level) was 35 percent. This is a 12 percent decrease from last year. The report was based on the latest numbers from the newly released 2013 Chinese College Graduates Employment Report, published by the China Social Sciences Academic Press. The same report also indicated that, for the same period, post-graduate level students suffered an 11 percent year-to-year decrease in their employment rate, which is 26 percent. The report also listed several of the majors that have the lowest employment rates: animation, law, biotechnology, and English, all of which were the least popular areas for at least the past three consecutive years. The report showed that the average monthly income of the new college graduates is RMB 3,048 yuan (around US$450). The highest six-months-after-graduation income is for the engineering students, and the lowest is in the education area.

Source: People’s Daily, June 10, 2013