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Xi Jinping: The CCP’s Survival or Death Relies on the Public Attitude for or against the Party

On June 18, 2013, Xi Jinping, the CCP Central Committee General Secretary and State Chairman, delivered a speech at the working meeting on the Party’s Mass Line Educational Practice. Xi said, “The CCP’s survival or death depends on the Public’s Attitude for or against the Party.”

To secure the Chinese Communist Party’s power, the Party must solve serious problems that the people report and let them feel satisfied. As many Party officials are separated from the masses, the CCP Central Committee will launch a large number of investigations, corrections, and cleaning within the Party. Called “Educational Practice Activities,” these activities will focus on self-cleaning, self-improvement, and self-innovation. It will be just like “looking into the mirror, straightening up one’s hat and clothing, taking a bath, and treating ones illness.” Those who have serious problems will be specially investigated and punished.  

Source: Xinhua, June 18, 2013