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Outlook: The China Dream Depends on the Strong Leadership of the Party

Outlook Newsweek, an official Chinese Communist Party publication, published an interview with Li Jie, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences regarding the “China Dream.”
When asked what the critical factors are in realizing the "China Dream," Li stated, “Achieving the ‘China Dream’ depends on the strong leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. For making things happen in China, the key is the Party. It is particularly important that we always maintain the Party’s advanced nature and purity, always maintain the Party’s spirit of reform and innovation, always maintain the Party’s close ties with the masses, and always maintain the Party’s integrity.”

“The realization the the ‘China Dream’ depends unswervingly on taking the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. … At present, [we] must be firmly confident in our path, theory, and system and continue to develop the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, the theoretical system, and the institutional system creatively, with confidence, and with persistence.”

Source: Outlook Newsweek reprinted by the Chinese Communist Party website, June 18, 2013