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Xi Jinping Seeks Unity and Discipline among Politburo Members

Xinhua News Agency reported on Tuesday, June 25, that, at a special meeting of the Politburo, the Chinese Communist Party’s chairman Xi Jinping said, "To see whether the Politburo is strong or not and whether the Politburo members are strong or not, one has to look first at whether they are politically strong or not. To strengthen the work of the Politburo, we must give top priority to ideological and political development."

Xi urged the Politburo to "strengthen the study of Marxist theory, in particular, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the thoughts of the ‘Three Represents,’ and the scientific concept of development, so as to grasp the scientific world view and methodology, be equipped with ideological weaponry, remain firm with the ideals and faith, and strengthen political sensitivity and discrimination," in order "to understand correctly and to firmly safeguard the bigger picture of the Party and the state, of reform, development, and stability, of the Party’s leadership and the security of the socialist regime, and of the unity of the Party and the whole nation."

He also asked the Politburo members to play an exemplary role in "strictly disciplining their relatives and staff members, refraining from abusing power, and not seeking personal privileges."

Source: BBC Chinese, June 25, 2013.