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State Media: The Moral Decline of the United States

One of China’s state media, the International Herald Leader, published a commentary stating that morality in the United States has been declining, particularly since September 11, 2001, although there are still “righteous people” stepping forward.
“The United States asks others to abide by international law, while the U.S. itself has repeatedly violated international law. Recently, however, a series of events occurred, indicating that there are righteous people in the United States who come forward.”

The commentary cited Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. “The fact that Manning disclosed how the U.S. has violated a large number of U.S. laws and the laws of other countries undoubtedly demonstrates that the U.S. system is in a serious moral decline. Likewise, in his daily work, former CIA [sic] employee Snowden also became extremely unhappy with the U.S. government’s abuse of power, excessive monitoring of its own citizens, and vigorous violations of the cyber security of other countries. He has been exposing such acts of the U.S. government so that other countries not only understand how fragile their own cyber network is, but also understand how the U.S. government plays the thief who cries ‘stop thief,’ and to what extent its morality has degenerated.”

Source: International Herald Leader, June 24, 2013