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Military Officer: Strong Military Dream is the Guarantee to Ensure the Realization of China Dream

In Beijing on July 30, 2013, The Central Propaganda Department, the Work Committee for Offices Directly under the Central Government, the State Organs Work Committee of the Central Government, the Ministry of Education, the PLA General Political Department, and the Beijing Municipal Party Committee jointly held the third report on education series on socialism with Chinese characteristics and the China dream. Bi Jingjing, Vice President of National Defense University, gave a report titled "A Strong Army Dream: The Powerful Guarantee to Ensure the Realization of the China Dream." 

The report pointed out that the dream of a powerful nation and a strong military dream are closely related and support each other. A dream of a powerful nation harbors a dream of a strong military; a dream of a strong military provides support for the dream of a powerful nation. Without a strong military, national security and development cannot be guaranteed. At present, the more advanced the economic and social development, the more urgent is the security need and the more urgent it is to strengthen the military. Therefore, we must seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, and accelerate the modernization of China’s national defense and the armed forces so as to provide strong power for the realization of the China dream.  

Source: People’s Daily, July 31, 2013