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Xinhua: In Chaos China, Would be Worse Off than the Former Soviet Union

On August 1, 2013, Xinhua published a commentary stating that, if China were to fall into chaos, it would be worse off than the former Soviet Union. The commentary compared China today to the former Soviet Union on the eve of collapse. It accused Internet bloggers of “spreading rumors every day, fabricating negative social news, creating an apocalyptic scene of China’s imminent collapse, denigrating the existing socialist system, and promoting the European and American capitalist and constitutional model.” It also blamed the Internet bloggers for inciting hatred toward the government to trigger social unrest in China.

“Then let’s look at the situation after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, which went through unrest, to see if the Russian people have reached the shore of happiness with universal values.” 

“Today the Russian people have really awakened to the fact that democracy, as depicted by Europe and the United States, deceived them, only to lose everything they once had. This means that Russia has moved from a major power to a second or third class economy that plays only a small role in the world.” The commentary predicted that China would be several times worse off than Russia. The socialist system is not the best, “but it is definitely better than what Europe and the United States would impose on China. At least we now move forward in development. This is the awakening of the Chinese!” 
Source: Xinhua, August 1, 2013