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People’s Liberation Army Daily: China Should Be Strong but Not Overbearing

China’s military newspaper published an article by General Xu Guangyu on Hu’s visit to the U.S. It stated that during President Hu’s visit, both parties confirmed they would establish a cooperative partnership. “Per public opinion, this marks the beginning of the U.S. treating China as its global partner. For China, it carries pressure and responsibility – we have made achievements beyond the imagination of the outside world. Yet there are numerous subjective and objective problems and challenges. If we do well, the future will be bright and promising. If we do not do well, there will be twists and turns. As we empower our country and adapt to globalization, we must be more clear-minded and rational, calm but not servile, strong but not overbearing.”

Source: People’s Liberation Army Daily, January 30, 2011 reprinted at