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Huaqiao University Indoctrinates Foreign Students with CCP Revolution History

Huaqiao University recently organized a winter camp for its foreign students to visit CCP historical revolutionary sites — Yan’n in Shaanxi Province and Xibaipo in Hebei Province. Both served as the capital city of the CCP during its war against the Kuomintang that eventually led to the CCP seizing power in China. ”During this trip, foreign students were indoctrinated with China’s revolutionary history and learned about the hardships endured when the CCP leaders created a brand new China.” “China’s revolution was not by accident; it was the result of many soldiers giving up their lives.”

In English, Huaqiao means “Overseas Chinese.” Huaqiao University is directly under the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. Its students are from overseas Chinese families.

Source: China News Service, January 30, 2011