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Qiushi: The U.S. Strategy Is to Transfer Its Domestic Crisis to China

According to an article in Qiushi Journal, economic strategy remains the heart of the U.S. overall long-term strategy, which is to transfer its domestic crisis to China. The economic strategy includes friction over the exchange rate, trade, agricultural produce, currency, resources, and energy. The exchange rate issue has always been the focus and is the make or break point. Political and diplomatic moves are designed to support the economic strategy. Politically, the U.S. uses human rights, climate, the China threat, and China’s "arrogance." Its diplomacy includes joining forces with the European Union and Japan and controlling China’s neighboring countries, thus encircling China politically. For the U.S. to re-enforce its military presence in the Northeast Asian region also supports its economic strategy.

Source: Qiushi, January 26, 2011