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Beijing Daily: Do Not Leave Space for Universal Values

On September 2, 2013, Beijing Daily published a commentary titled advocating ideological education.  Major State media immediately reprinted it under the title “Beijing Daily: Do Not Leave Space for Universal Values.” 

The Beijing Daily commentary warned that, if China does not engage in "ideological struggle," it could disintegrate and perish, in the same manner as the former Soviet Union and the Eastern Block. 
"Especially for those people who preach the so-called ‘universal values,’ ‘constitutional democracy,‘ ‘freedom,’ and other fallacies, we cannot give any space or assistance at any time to those malicious attacks on the Party’s leadership and the socialist system, to speeches that distort the history of the Party and the country, and to information that spreads rumors. We must take action to control what must be controlled, and punish those who violate the law. “ 

“Today, the Internet has become the main battlefield for ideological struggle. The Western anti-China forces seek to advance this ‘biggest variable’ to ‘topple China.’ Whether we can hold up and win in the battlefield directly relates to the security of our ideology and the ruling Party’s power. … We do not see gunfire in this ideological struggle, but all the same – it is a matter of life and death. … Dare to fight and dare to show the sword. That is the choice we must make now!"  

Source: Beijing Daily, September 2, 2013