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Communist Party Member Evaluation and Dismissal System Used in Zhejiang Province

Xinhua published a news report about the Party organization in Pujiang County of Zhenjian Province. According to the report, in April, the Party organization adopted a Party member re-evaluation and dismissal system. All of the Party members have been evaluated based on certain judging criteria including how the Party member follows the communist ideals and beliefs, their political stance, sense of organizational discipline, perspective of the overall situation, and their legal sense. The initial result from the assessment showed that 430 Party members didn’t meet the requirements. They have to participate in a Party training course and take six month to one year to correct their actions in order to be reinstated. In addition there were 55 members who failed the evaluation and were asked to withdraw from their Party membership. Among those, one member was said to have worked as a fortune teller for a lengthy period of time.

Source: Xinhua, September 21, 2013