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CCP’s Crimes: How Could the Authorities Match Donor’s Organs to Several People So Quickly?

An article posted on the Internet questioned (using hints) whether the communist regime is conducting organ transplants based on the recipient’s need.

It first mentioned a news item: On January 17, a 20-year-old college student fell down from a bike and was announced brain dead after being taken to the hospital. His parents recalled that their son wanted to donate his organs. Then the student’s organs including heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, and corneas, were transplanted to save seven patients.

The author raised a question: Since the college student’s death was a sudden event, how was the hospital able to match his organs with seven people so quickly (organ transplants have to be performed quickly after the death). After all, organ matching between the donor and the recipient is not a quick and high-possibility event, not to mention matching with seven recipients.

The author found a few dozen reports in the past couple of years about death-related organ donations. Most of the cases were about young people who suffered brain death (so their organs could be taken out). For example, the following were cases that occurred since the 2023 New Year: a 23-year-old girl’s organ donation saved five people, an eight-year-old girl’s organ donation saved two people, an 18-year-old college student’s organ donation saved six people.

The author then referred to a recent revelation of Gao Zhanxiang, a former Deputy Communist Party Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, who had replaced many of his organs (Chinascope also briefed on that story: “COVID Death Revealed CCP Officials Transplant Organs so They Can Live Longer”).

The author wrote, “I typed a few sentences (about my suspicions), but deleted them. Let me just write this much.”

Source: Pop Yard, January 22, 2023