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Media: The Communist Party Covered up Bo Xilai’s Real Crimes

A recent VOA report discussed how the Bo Xilai trial covered up both the political coup in which Bo had been involved and the crime of live organ harvesting.

The article reported a netizen’s comments on the end of Bo’s political life after his appeal was rejected. It quoted a tweet from a netizen named "Handsome Water:" "Bo Xilai thought he had the upper hand against the CCP’s vital position and could escape the legal punishment due because of his political coup and the crime of live organ harvesting, so he kept showing off his ‘smile’ during the trial." "Although, Bo Xilai could escape for this moment, he will never escape for his whole lifetime. When the CCP collapses, Bo Xilai’s live organ harvesting crime will for sure be brought up and he will be tried. At that time, he will finally face his punishment under the law."

The report didn’t specifically mention the victims of live organ harvesting. Falun Gong practitioners have reported repeatedly that the CCP has committed this crime against its members in China.

Earlier, Epoch Times published a special commentary on Bo’s trial, stating that he and the Communist Party acted in concert; they deliberately covered up the most crucial truth about his trial: a political coup and the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

The commentary pointed out that the trial was not about Bo’s strategy of "Sing Red and Strike Black." Rather, it was about the underlying conspiracy to usurp power, which the Communist leaders could not tolerate. It further pointed out that Bo’s conspiracy to seize power was not simply a matter of personal ambition, but a major step for a group that former President Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, and Zhou Yongkang led to continue the persecution of Falun Gong and to avoid accountability for that persecution. According to the commentary, the group decided that Bo Xilai would take over instead of Xi Jinping, would continue the persecution, and would make Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, and other political opponents the scapegoats.

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