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Qiushi Commentary on Firming Up Party Member’s Ideology Beliefs

Qiushi published a commentary in which it reiterated the importance of the recent speech that President Xi Jinping made about firming up Party member’s beliefs in ideology. Xi recently participated in a Party committee forum in Hubei Province where he again stressed that the Party cadres must not waver in their beliefs and should “strive for the lofty ideal of achieving socialism with Chinese characteristics.” Xi said that wavering in one’s belief creates the most danger; it matters to the success and survival of the Party and the country.

The commentary said that Xi’s speech carries significant meaning in maintaining the Party’s absolute leadership and in being persistent in moving forward in the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics under the current “complicated international environment.” It talked about the importance of holding a belief in ideology and alerted the Party members to be on guard against slipping and wavering in their belief, which, it said, is what caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. It also listed four standards that are the requirements for Party members. These include a willingness to serve the people; to suffer hardship; to work hard and be ethical; and to be willing to sacrifice their personal life for their belief.

Source: Qiushi Theory, October 30, 2013