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As the Top Leader of the National Security Committee, Xi Jinping Strengthens His Personal Power

At The Third Plenary Session (“Third Plenum”) of the 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party held in Beijing from November 9th to November 12th, 2013, the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee decided to create two state institutes, a Leading Team Supervising “Comprehensively Deepening” Economic Reform and a new National Security Committee. According to China Review News on November 13, 2013, Xi Jinping, the head of the Party and the state, may take charge of the newly created National Security Committee. Xi Jinping may also serve as the head of the Economic Reform Leading Team. If that’s the case, Xi’s personal power will be strengthened.

The Presidency of the People’s Republic of China is usually a symbolic position. If Xi Jinping chairs the National Security Committee in the name of the President, the President will assume the real power over public security, military troops, and the diplomacy.

Source: China Review News, November 13, 2013