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More Party Officials with Ties to Jiang Zemin under Investigation

On November 14, Xinhua reprinted a China News Weekly report that in less than a year since Xi Jinping came to power in the 18th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, 11 high ranking provincial officials and department heads have been put under investigation on corruption charges. The number doubled the average of 5.8 officials per year in the past five years. From 2008 through 2012, there were four, eight, six, seven, and four officials, respectively, at provincial or department level who were investigated.

[Editor’s Note: According to Asia Times, in one example, the CCP removed Ji Jianye, the mayor or Nanjing from office accusing him of "economic crimes," a euphemism for corruption. That article pointed out that "some analysts speak instead of a settling of scores within the Party, since Ji is very close to former President Jiang Zemin." Another source observed that almost all of these 11 officials have close ties to former President Jiang Zemin.] 
Source: China News Weekly reprinted by Xinhua, November 14, 2013
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