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Kindergartens Have Shut Down Due to a Drop in Population

The impact of the One-Child policy continues to surface in China. In 2022, 46.28 million children were in kindergarten, a decrease of 1.78 million in population from the previous year. This has also led to kindergarten closures. The number of kindergartens dropped from 2.94 million in 2021 to 2.89 million in 2022, a loss of 5,000. This is the first-time the number of kindergartens has decreased in the past 15 years.

Seeing that its One-Child policy has resulted in a big reduction in new-borns, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) switched to a two-child policy, boosting the new baby population to 18.83 million in 2016 and over 17 million in 2017. But it didn’t last long and free fall came back quickly. The new-born population dropped to 15.23 million in 2018, 14.65 million in 2019, and 12.00 million in 2020.

Source: Sina, March 24, 2023