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China’s People’s War to Be Used against Taiwan

From PLA Daily: China’s People’s War to Be Used against Taiwan:

China’s military newspaper published an article advocating that Mao Zedong’s people’s war should be applied  to and used against Taiwan. The People’s Liberation Army Daily (PLA Daily) ‘s article of March 30, 2023, is viewed as a sign that Beijing has included both military and political considerations in its military reunification efforts against Taiwan.

The article stated that the people’s war is a strategy and it is also the method used in a just war for national independence, for the people’s liberation, and for national prosperity. It also generally adheres to the fundamental principle of defensiveness.

The article said that the integrity of the strategy and tactics of the people’s war emphasizes both military and non-military means leveraging each other as one holistic strategy of politics, economy, diplomacy, public opinion, and military forces.

The article expressed that the people’s war requires the mobilization of the whole country to overcome local deficiencies and disadvantages so as to defeat this “powerful opponent.”

The article also said that active defense is a product of the people’s war and it is also the fundamental requirement to carry out the war of justice effectively.

The article further stated that the people’s war strategy reminds the military of the political aspects that should be taken into account. In addition, it suggested that the protests that occurred in Hong Kong should be avoided in Taiwan.

According to analysts, Beijing has mentioned that the people’s war should be carried forward and based on active defense. China has always regarded the military reunification with Taiwan as a defensive operation because Beijing views Taiwan as China’s territory.

Source: The PLA Daily, March 31, 2023