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China’s Minister of Public Security: Resolutely Resist the Infiltration of Western Ideology

Guo Shengkun, China’s Minister of Public Security, recently published an article on People’s Daily calling for firm resistance to ideological infiltration from the Western anti-China forces. Chinese Review News Agency reprinted the article on January 3, 2014. According to the article, China has over 2 million police. Public security departments at all levels must “take resolute action to protect the Chinese Communist Party’s leadership, safeguard the people’s democratic dictatorship, and defend the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.” The article particularly called for “resolute resistance to the ideological infiltration from Western anti-China forces” in order to “ensure national security and social stability.” Therefore, systematic Internet control and a crackdown on “Internet slander, Internet fraud, and other online criminal activities” will continue.

Source: Chinese Review News Agency, January 3, 2013