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New Leadership Groups Have More Authority to Crack Down on Special Interest Groups

On January 26, 2014, Qiushi Theory, the Chinese Communist Party Central Party School and the CCP Central Committee’s political theory periodical, reprinted an article from “Consensus Network.” The article analyzed the new power relations of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government that have developed since the establishment of the Central Leading Team for Comprehensively Deepening Reform and the new National Security Committee. As the Chinese Communist Party oversees the Chinese government, it is hard to distinguish whether the power is in the Party’s hands or in the government’s hands, but the two new leadership groups have a higher authority to crack down on special interest groups that were formed in the past.

The new National Security Committee is responsible directly to the Politburo. It is chaired by the General Secretary and Vice Chairmen, representing the Party, the government and the National Congress. Its power is much greater than the U.S. National Security Council. Therefore, the new power structure in China is a strengthened combination of the Party and the Government.

Source: Consensus Network, January 26, 2014