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Huanqiu Editorial: Western Countries’ Support Provides Spiritual Inspiration to Chinese dissidents

On January 28, 2014, Huanqiu, the Chinese edition of Global Times, published an editorial titled, “Supporting the Dissidents in China; the ‘Open Conspiracy’ of Western Countries.” According to the editorial, Chinese dissidents have become well-known because of the support they receive from the Western media and governments. Without the Western media’s substantial reports and Western governments open support, Chinese dissidents would be nothing but “fleeting meteors.” It is the Western governments’ “open conspiracy” to stand side by side with Chinese dissidents as they share the same values. Western countries’ support has inspired Chinese dissidents spiritually.

Recently, Xu Zhiyong, an activist who organized a grass-roots New Citizen Movement to express public discontent over government officials’ corruption, was sentenced to four years in prison for “gathering a crowd to disturb the public order.” The U.S. government’s “deep disappointment” and the Western mainstream media’s strong support have increased Xu’s influence among Chinese dissidents.  

Source: Huanqiu, January 28, 2014