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Guangming Daily: China’s Movies Face Challenges in Global Market

On February 27, the Academy for the International Communication of Chinese Culture of Beijing Normal University published a research paper that drew a conclusion about Chinese movies. According to Guangming Daily, which then published the findings, Chinese movies face significant challenges in the overseas market. The statistics showed that overseas Chinese movie audiences continue to decline, down from 37 percent in 2012 to 18 percent in 2013. The people who took the survey gave the movies ratings; the average was 5.7 out of 9.0. Kung Fu and action movies ranked the highest at 6.8. The statistics also suggested that those surveyed knew little about Chinese movie festivals. Over 57 percent had little or no knowledge of the existence of any of any Chinese movie festivals. The statistics also suggested that those surveyed are generally not interested in movies that reflect modern realism in China; however those people showed interest in knowing more about this subject, an indication that those modern realism movies had not been able to meet the requirement.

China’s movie box office revenue totaled 217 trillion yuan (US$35 trillion) in 2013. Of the movies shown, domestic movies accounted for 127 trillion yuan (US$20 trillion) or 58.65 percent. However ticket revenue for 45 domestic movies in the overseas market was only 14 trillion yuan (US$2 trillion). This amount was the equivalent of the box office sales in China from two U.S. made movies: “Iron Man 3” and “Pacific Rim.”

Source: Guangming Daily, February 28, 2014