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Beijing Daily on How to Use Beautiful Words to Promote Socialist China

On March 24, 2014, Beijing Daily published an article on how to use beautiful words to promote socialist China. According to the article, China must tell its own “good stories” with beautiful words supported by some theories so as to respond to all the different opinions that oppose China’s socialism with the Chinese characteristics.

For example, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) must solve a theoretical problem of how to understand “faith.” When the contemporary Chinese people are criticized for their lack of faith, the best explanation is that atheism is also a faith and the Chinese government must respect freedoms of faith and cope correctly with religious pluralism in the world. Another important theoretical problem that the Chinese Communist Party must solve is how to use theories to explain scientifically that the Chinese Communist Party’s character is also the character of the Chinese people. If the Chinese Communist Party cannot convince people that the CCP and the Chinese people are one and the same, it will be difficult to tell good Chinese stories inside out.

Source: Beijing Daily, March 24, 2014