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China Youth Daily: 73 Percent of Poll Respondents Support Increase of China’s Military Spending

In March 2014, the Guangzhou Public Opinion Research Center conducted telephone interviews on a sample 2,000 urban residents, collecting opinions on China’s national security and the growth in military spending.

81 percent of respondents believed the long run existence of the terrorism threat; 14 percent disagreed, and 5 percent found it "hard to say." On China’s defense and military spending, 44 percent believed that China’s military spending is "not much." 16 percent thought it was "too much," and 40 percent believed it was "just enough." 92 percent of the interviewees agreed that China’s "national defense capabilities must be commensurate with its economic development," and only 3 percent hold the opposite view. The poll also showed that 73 percent of the respondents supported the recent decision of the Chinese government to place a fiscal budget on military spending, with only 14 percent not supportive and 13 percent "hard to say."

According to the Guangzhou Public Opinion Research Center, the poll covered 23 provincial capital cities and four municipalities directly under the central government. It sampled over 2,000 urban residents of different genders, ages, occupations, and education levels.

Source: China Youth Daily, March 31, 2014