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Hu Jintao Visited Hu Yaobang’s Former Residence

On April 11, days before the 25th anniversary of the death of the late Chinese Communist leader Hu Yaobang, retired Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Hu Jintao paid a visit of the former residence of Hu Yaobang in the town of Liuyang in Hunan Province.

In the 1980s Hu Yaobang was one of the main leaders of the Chinese Communist Party. When Mao Zedong was the paramount leader of China, Hu was viewed as open minded and rectified many miscarriages of justice. In 1987, Hu was accused of being ineffective in opposing capitalist liberalization and senior Party heavy weights forced him to resign. Hu died on April 15, 1989. His death inspired tens of thousands of students in Tiananmen Square to give their condolences, which then evolved into the 1989 student movement, followed by the June 4th massacre.

Hu Yaobang once promoted Hu Jintao, the retired Party secretary at the 18th Congress, to the top position at the Chinese Communist Youth League, a communist organization for young people.

On Friday morning, accompanied by officials in Hunan province, Hu Jintao visited the former residence of Hu Yaobang and his museum, staying there for an hour. It is reported that President Hu Jintao visited the statue of Hu Yaobang and bowed to Hu Yaobang to pay tribute. Hunan authorities have kept the news from the public.

Source: Voice of America, April 12, 2014