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China’s State Media Praise the Military’s Strong Showing to the U.S. Defense Secretary

In the meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Chinese Military Committee Vice Chairman Fan Changlong directly expressed how upset China was with the unfriendly remarks Hagel made ahead of his visit. China’s state media Global Times published an editorial praising the military for showing strength to the U.S. Defense Secretary. The article stated: 

“China’s military was very frank in showing its differences with the U.S. Previously this was quite rare. This change is a manifestation of the Chinese military’s confidence. It is to showcase the real China in an internationally popular manner.” 
“When having a conflict with someone, China does not resort to war, but Japan often takes out the treaty of the U.S.-Japan alliance [as a weapon]. It constantly preaches that it will use force against the Chinese aircraft ‘invading’ the Diaoyu Islands. The Philippines also shows off its U.S. military protection. From time to time, the U.S. hints that it might have military involvement in the Island conflicts that Japan and the Philippines are having with China. In such instances, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army reaffirms the will and ability to defend China’s territorial sovereignty. It is not quite normal.” 
“Facing such a large country as China, the Philippines dares to play the hooligan by setting up an old warship on the beach at Second Thomas Shoal. This is by no means normal. Manila misjudged China’s tolerance. If such misjudgment spreads out to some extent, it will become a baseline for an understanding of China from the outside. China must clear up this false impression and try to achieve its goal by using language. If language is not enough, it must be coupled with action.” 

“If China’s effort to dispel such outsider’s false judgments of China implies risk, then the United States, Japan and the Philippines will need to take the risk together with China.” 

Source: Global Times, April 9, 2014