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National Security Blue Book Proposes: China “Unite with Russia, Win over Europe, Harness the U.S.”

On May 6, the "National Security Blue Book: Chinese National Security Research Report (2014)," prepared by the International Center for Strategic and Security Studies of the Institute of International Relations, was released in Beijing. This is China’s first National Security Blue Book. The book reviewed and analyzed China’s national security situation over the past year and proposed measures on how China should handle the security challenges it faces. 

At a news conference announcing the release, a number of experts made recommendations for China’s national security strategy. Feng Zhongping, Deputy Director of the Institute of Contemporary China’s International Relations, stated that a number of issues have developed into China’s biggest security threats. These include the strategic competition between international powers, the U.S. and Russia and the EU’s attitudes and policies towards China, as well as China’s territory and maritime interests. 

From a strategic level, China should “unite Russia, win over Europe, and harness the U.S." "Unite Russia" means to consider Putin’s proposal to establish a Sino-Russian political alliance. "Win over Europe" means to increase the strategic content of China-EU relations beyond the trading relationship so as to deter and balance the United States’ strategy. "Harness the U.S." refers to establishing a "new type of great power relations" between China and the United States. 

 Source:, May 7, 2014