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China Youth Online: In the Eyes of the Hegemonies, There Is Only a Crime against Western Interests

A commentary on China Youth Online condemns Western countries’ military actions as “destroying oil pipe lines, killing civilians, and leaving Libya’s situation even more unstable. Peace loving people around the world profoundly realize that, in the eyes of the hegemonies, there is only a ‘crime against Western interests.’” It concludes, “Although Libya declared a cease fire immediately and expressed willingness to have a dialogue, the Western countries nonetheless conspired to pass the United Nations’ ‘no fly zone resolution’ and immediately started military intervention. Surpassing the United Nations’ authorization and arbitrarily interfering in other country’s internal affairs completely violates the UN Charter. Although they wave the banner of ‘protecting human rights and civilians,’ these are only excuses for consolidating their economic and political interests. Although these ‘hegemonic bullies’ discussed the ‘crimes’ of Qaddafi, to Western interests it is simply a ‘crime of obstruction.’”
[Ed: China Youth Online is a website under the Central Committee of the Chinese Youth League, the Chinese Communist organization for youth between the ages of 14 and 28.]

Source: China Youth Online, March 24, 2011