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Chinese Media More Effective on Facebook Than on Twitter

According to a research report titled “Global Mainstream Media Network Communication Power Research (2023)” released by Fudan University on July 21, Chinese media’s overall communication effectiveness on Facebook surpasses that on Twitter.

The survey, completed by Fudan University’s Global Communication and All-Media Research Institute, included 222 mainstream media from 33 countries, analyzing content published by these media on their certified accounts on Twitter and Facebook last year.

The study designed a set of influence evaluation indicators to analyze media’s communication effectiveness in terms of exposure, interactions, dissemination, and recognition.

The report shows that Chinese media’s overall communication effectiveness on Facebook is higher than on Twitter. China Global Television Network (CGTN), People’s Daily, China Daily, Global Times, and Xinhua News Agency are among the top ranks of the 222 media, with CGTN ranked within the top 10 on the comprehensive list.

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), July 22, 2023