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Beijing City Passes Anti-Terrorism Measures

The Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee has voted to pass implementation measures for the “People’s Republic of China Anti-Terrorism Law.” The measures will come into effect on January 1, 2024. The passed measures cover a wide range of activities in daily life, including renting a car, renting a homestay, buying gasoline, and sending a parcel.

For example, the passed measures require that people who rent a car must be identified and their information must be registered. Postal and express companies must also conduct security inspections of parcels and register parcels information. Gas stations must identify people who buy gasoline and record the amount of gasoline bought and the purpose for which it is used.

The measures also require that people who rent a homestay be identified and that people who take the Beijing subway must undergo security checks. Drone owners must register their drones with the government and must update their registration information if they sell, transfer, damage, scrap, or lose their drone or if it is stolen.

Under the new measures, Internet service providers must take measures to prevent the spread of information that contains terrorist or extremist content. If internet service providers find information that contains terrorist or extremist content, they must immediately stop transmitting it, save the relevant records, delete the relevant information from the web, and report the incident to the public security organs or relevant departments of the government. Internet service providers that provide information on the sale of goods or accommodation, instant delivery, or car rental must provide technical assistance to the public security organs and national security organs in accordance with the law to prevent and investigate terrorist activities.

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), July 30, 2023