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Taiwan Military Officers Under Investigation as Possible Spies for Beijing

Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that a Taiwanese Army Colonel surnamed Xie is suspected of leaking national defense secrets to a designated intermediary in China. The Taiwan High Prosecutors’ Office recently ordered the investigation; Xie and others were questioned and their homes searched, leading to arrests for violating the Criminal Code’s provisions on offenses related to foreign states.

Colonel Xie was stationed at the 601st Special Forces Brigade in Longtan District, Taoyuan City. He is suspected of recruiting spies within the Taiwanese military. Xie’s brigade is one of the Army’s most powerful aerial firepower units, responsible for significant defense tasks in the northern region of Taiwan including the central Taipei area.

The ongoing investigation into Xie revealed that he may have developed an intelligence-gathering spy network comprising active-duty and retired Taiwanese military personnel. According to compiled data from court records and reports by Taiwan’s mainstream media, at least 21 active-duty or retired Taiwanese military officers with ranks of captain or higher have been convicted of engaging in espionage activities for China in the past decade.

Source: Deutsche Welle, August 2, 2023再爆共谍案台陆军中校涉嫌泄密被羁押/a-66416539