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People’s Daily Commentary: People Who Rule Hong Kong Must Be Chinese Loyalists

People’s Daily published a commentary on the current situation in Hong Kong. The commentary claimed, "From the formation of the idea of ‘one country two systems’ to its implementation, there has been a clear line and standard for ‘Hongkongese to rule Hong Kong.’ That is that the majority of the Hongkongese who rule Hong Kong must be patriots [of China]."

The commentary further stated that "[China’s] re-iterating that patriots are to be the main body of the Hongkongese who rule Hong Kong does not interfere with Hong Kong’s autonomy. Rather, it clarifies the rights and responsibilities, as defined by Hong Kong’s Basic Law, for those who rule Hong Kong. … It is to let all of Hong Kong’s people have a measurement standard in their mind. Only those Hongkongese who are elected [based on this requirement] can accept the supervision by the Central government [of China] and Hong Kong society. … This is in the fundamental interest of the nation [of China] and it is in the fundamental interest of Hong Kong."

Source: People’s Daily, July 2, 2014