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2013 Blue Book on the Development of Radio, Film, and Television Published

On July 10, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television published its 2013 Blue Book on the development of radio, film, and television. According to the statistics published in the Blue Book, in 2013, 824 new movies were produced; 326 of them played in theaters and 498 or 60 percent of the new movies didn’t make it to the theater. The movie box office revenue in 2013 was 21.7 billion yuan (US$3.5 billion), 12.7 billion of which came from domestic films. The total investment in television dramas was 10.3 billion yuan (US$1.67 billion) where 441 television dramas and 15,770 series were produced. The figures were down by 65 television dramas and 1,933 series compared to 2012. In addition, the growth rate in radio and television advertising decreased by 2.74 and 6.97 percent respectively compared to 2012. The Blue Book concluded, “It means that the traditional radio and television market is shrinking and the business model for this industry needs to be upgraded.” 

Source: Xinhua, July 11, 2014