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Global Times: No U.S. Conspiracy? Kerry Please Prove It with Action

China’s state media the Global Times published a special invited commentary article about U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s remark in an interview with CCTV. Below is an excerpt from the article. 

“Recently, in an exclusive interview with CCTV, U.S. Secretary of State Kerry said that China really should abandon the so-called American conspiracy theory, which is to say that the U.S. Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy is not against China or to contain China. Many [Chinese] netizens questioned whether that is true.”  
“Chinese netizens did not take this statement seriously. Many responded to Kerry: [It is] ‘deceiving,’ ‘adding insult to injury,’ ‘The villain is obvious,’ ‘Comrade Kerry, you got the wrong manuscript,’ ‘Every time China wants to give up the American conspiracy theory, the United States always hits your face with the facts,’ ‘Whenever the United States abandons its conspiracy, we will abandon the American conspiracy theory,’ and so on.” 
 “Americans [always] give [the best] explanation of the American conspiracy theory with their actions. U.S. officials, including Obama, have claimed on several occasions that the Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy is not aimed at China. However, since the start of this year, the United States has frequently created troubles for China.” 
“Sino-U.S. relations are quite grim. The Washington Post reported on the 7th that some experts believe that China-U.S. relations are currently facing the most severe test since President Nixon’s visit to China in 1972. On June 26, the U.S. National Interest magazine website published an article by Michael Vlahos stating that history reminds people that the outbreak of a Sino-U.S. war is indeed possible. Some Internet users believe that if the United States does not change its policy of containment against China, talk will only be negotiations about some of the little specific things and it will not solve the Sino-U.S. friction and the deep-level contradictions.” 
“We really hope that the ‘American conspiracy theory’ is just ‘hearsay.’ We really hope that the U.S. realizes that ‘the containing China’s theory is wrong, a hundred percent wrong.’ It is of no use if the United States only says it. The key is to come up with action. Establishing new relations between big powers, one has to start bit by bit, rather than shout with exaggerated, empty words.” 
Source: Huanqiu (Global Times), July 10, 2014