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Study Times: Developing the Party in the Non-Public Sector

Study Times published an article on further developing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in non-public economic entities. The article highlighted a few areas on which to focus. The first area it discussed was the leadership structure. The article pointed out that nearly one third of the provinces in China have used the Provincial Industry and Commerce Association as a vehicle to establish Party committees. They can be set up and given the responsibility to oversee the Party’s development in the non-public sector. The second area was the enterprise’s role as a provider of capital. Business owners have, to a large extent, influenced the progress of the CCP’s development in their enterprises. The CCP should absorb personnel into the Party, strengthen people’s belief in the socialist path with Chinese characteristics, and arrange political positions for them as a reward. Finally, the article emphasized the role of the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce has become more and more important in acting as the CCP’s base for CCP members in small businesses and in educating investors to support the Party’s development in their private businesses.

Source: Study Times, July 7, 2014