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The CCP Is Worried about Chinese Intellectuals’ Distrust of China’s Political System

On July 22, 2014, Qiushi Theory, a periodical on political theory run by the Chinese Communist Party Central Party School and the CCP Central Committee, criticized Chinese intellectuals in China’s academia (for example in the fields of economics, law, political science, sociology, and international relations) for their agreement with Western constitutional democracy and universal values. The article asserted that those intellectuals do not have confidence in China’s socialist road and China’s political system because they do not have a sufficient understanding of China and Marxism. However, China needs a large group of researchers to develop a Chinese Discourse System in order to tell China’s stories and spread China’s voice around the world. Therefore a wake-up call is needed to awaken most of the intellectuals in the ideological field and call on them to summarize, categorize, and beautify the “Chinese style discourse system” so as to spread it among the international mainstream discourse system and eventually turn it into the authoritative national voice of China.

Source: Qiushi Theory, July 22, 2014