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BBC Chinese: China’s Anti-Corruption û Tiger Locked in Cage; Why Worry about a Counterattack?

After Zhou Yongkang, the former standing member of the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee and Secretary of the Politics and Law Committee was taken down, People’s Forum magazine, which is under one of the top Chinese government official media People’s Daily, published a series of 13 anti-corruption articles one after the other, saying that anti-corruption in China is now “transitioning from surface-oriented to root-oriented.” One of the articles pointed out that corrupt officials would not sit still and wait to be killed. “To protect their own interests, they must put up a last-ditch resistance effort and even unite together to fight back jointly.” This article was reprinted widely in China and a more striking title was used for the reprinted article, “The CCP’s Anti-Corruption – Be Alert for the Big Tigers’ Joint Counterattack.”

Source: BBC Chinese, August 5, 2014