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Study Times: Re-enforcing the Communist Party’s Control of Companies

Study Times wrote a commentary stating that it is a matter of urgency to ensure the political control of “mixed-ownership enterprises.” These are companies in which different ownership entities have jointly invested. The different forms of ownership may include State-owned, corporate owned, privately owned, and foreign-owned enterprises. 

“It has become increasingly difficult in the mixed ownership enterprises to be able to carry out the development of the Party’s work. More effort must be expended to perfect the institutional mechanisms to ensure the implementation of Party development.” 
The commentary recommended the following measures: 
1. Qualified Party officials, who are personnel at the enterprise, should serve as leaders of the trade union and the Communist Youth League. 
2. Through specific legal procedures, Party secretaries should become members of the Supervisory Board of the enterprises.  
3. The Party organizations inside these enterprises should exert proactive and extensive efforts to recruit corporate decision-making and management personnel to join the Party. Thus the Party organization and the corporate management and supervision system will be fully integrated. 
4. Party member meetings must be carried out regularly in accordance with the Constitution of the Communist Party of China. 

Source: Study Times, August 18, 2014