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CCDI Article: Some High Ranking Cadres Lack a Sense of Responsibility to the Party

People’s Daily carried an article which was originally published on the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department (CCDI) website. The article said that some high ranking cadres lack a sense of responsibility to the Party. They only care about their administrative title and neglect their duties as Party officials. The article said, “Once they lack a sense of responsibility to the Party, it is guaranteed that the resulting loosely organized Party structure will lack discipline. Therefore the fighting power of the Party is sure to be diminished and it will shake the Party’s foundation.” The article stated that Party officials should have a position within the Party before they assume other responsibilities. It also stated that the Party cadres should abide by the law as well as the Party’s disciplinary rules, but the Party cadres should place the Party’s disciplinary rules above the law. The article posted a reminder that all Party members must bear in mind that the Party official’s title is a "political responsibility" rather than a "political honorary title."

Source: People’s Daily, August 25, 2014