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Xinhua: Hong Kong Students Are Pawns of Western Anti-China Forces

On October 1, 2014, Xinhua reprinted an editorial that China News Service had originally published on the student protests about universal suffrage in Hong Kong. The article stated that some extremists and anti-China forces are damaging Hong Kong. “In the name of true universal suffrage, they attempt to deceive the public. Through the illegal ‘Occupy Central,’ they attempt to paralyze Hong Kong’s business districts in order to blackmail China’s central government and the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.” “If they really want to express their requests, they should be peaceful, rational, and lawful. They should not be so blatant in undermining the rule of law, stability, and order.” 

The editorial stated that the student protesters who favor universal suffrage are not patriotic and do not care about Hong Kong. Instead, "they are extremists in Hong Kong. They act as a pawn of the Western anti-China forces." According to the editorial, the most basic and most direct interest of the Hong Kong people is the traffic jams and the disorders that the student protesters cause. The goal of extremists and the forces behind them is to damage Hong Kong. 
Source: China News Service reprinted by Xinhua, October 1, 2014